Comical (Short Piece)


I realize as a writer, I like short pieces more than large projects.

Well, sometimes. I can’t deny the satisfaction of finishing something

you’ve been working on for so long. I think it’s my affection with “moments”

that urge my attraction to short pieces. It’s like, one moment you’re at the intro

and before you know it, you’ve reach the end.

  • A.A.

Lead The Way (Short Piece)


The life we lead isn’t one we’re suppose to know. It kind of just rides.

If you think too much about it, it won’t work out.

The reason we are who we say we are, is because – well, I don’t know.

I’m not suppose to be the answer. But the thought is provoking isn’t it?

  • A.A.

Brand of the Week: 304# Clothing

304# Brand Title

  In “Brand of the Week” I select a company/brand of high quality & design that I like and believe you might too. I also try to select unique brands that are hard to find anywhere else so you stand out! I do the work for you so all you do is purchase – or not. This week’s selection is British clothing brand “304#” – and yes, the hashtag is part of the name.  Continue reading